Gustavo is the owner and co founder of Classic Colorado Barbers. He graduated from the barber program of Emily Griffith technical college and is a seasoned barber with many years of experience in all aspects of barbering. he built the barber shop on quality haircuts and customer service and will not let you walk away without feeling you got 110% your moneys worth. He specializes in shear work and gives the closest shave in town. Helping people look and feel their best is his number one passion and sports are a close second.


Phil Marquez is the other co founder of Classic Colorado Barbers. He graduated from Colorado Barber College and has been in the industy for over 35 years. Even though Phil is a expert of old school barbering technique he still educates himself on new techniques and hairstyles and continues to grow as a barber. Whoever said you cant teach a old dog new tricks was wrong. Phil does the cleanest flattop around and is a expert with the scissor work. Most importantly he was around before the industry got watered down and really keeps the old school barber traditions alive. Phil likes fishing and riding motorcycles in his spare time. his favorite football team is the hometown favorite the Denver Broncos. 

john boy

John is a experienced barber that has been in the industry for over 8 years. He is also a graduate of Emily Griffith technical college. He gives a mean fade and is a very interesting guy to have a conversation with. He enjoys working on cars, fishing and is very passionate about his barber career.  


Lloyd has been a barber for over 13 years. He is a Emily Griffith Technical College barber program graduate as well. He likes trying new things with hairstyles and says that the details are what make a great haircut. He enjoys talking about football while you are in his chair and loves to see his customers walk out with a boost of confidence.   


Gene is a experienced barber and is frankly one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet. She graduated from ?? and has been in the business for over ?? years. She gives the best business cut around and can hold her own in any argument about sports.  She is a big Denver Broncos supporter and ???. She is great about putting a smile on every customers face that sits in her chair.


You will see benji working hard sleeping on the couch 90% of the times you come in. He is great with kids, loves treats, and enjoys saying hi to everyone who comes in. 

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